After starting his first candy business as a child, Detroit native, Jason Motley or better known to most “Jay Success”  has yet to ease up on the idea of entrepreneurship since. Success affirms that the combination of witnessing his grandparents live life comfortably and observing his mother make wise financial decisions contributes greatly to his entrepreneurial spirit and his eagerness to make judicious financial investments.


Over the last 10 years, the Urban Marketing Strategist, philanthropist, entrepreneur and father, has developed and heightened small businesses, entertainers, artists and everyone in between within the Metro area. His many business ventures, including Motown Printing and Press Play World, are acclaimed successes due to not only his close-knit relationship with God but also the many relationships Success has kept throughout his entire career.


The father of 4, makes mention that although he would hope his children would take on “the family business” and continue the good luck streak of entrepreneurship, he understands that greatness can come in many forms. So much so that his ultimate goal in life is to reach his fullest potential and to become a renowned changer of the world.


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